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Editing Works: LGBT

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Second Parent 2020

Director: Penny Chen

2020 Taiwan International Queer Film Festival

                             Official Selection

Kate and Julia is a couple, and they use Kate's brother as a donor to have Julia give birth to their daughter: Becca.  However, as Becca grows, Kate begins to realize that Becca somehow favors her paternal mother Julia more...


A Chit Tu 2019

Director: Dylan Chow

A gay man trapped in a marriage bond by obligation instead of love, and his desire starts to grow when he encounters an attractive new colleague.


2020 Lime Light Film Contest

              Award Winner

Shadow of Love 2019

Director: Dylan  Chow

A Burmese young man came to Los Angeles to look for his long lost mother, and after he finally 

founds her, his mother rejects him because he is gay...

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God's Gracie 2018

Director: Chateau Bezera  

When Gracie, a thirteen year-old Fundamentalist Christian, meets Heidi, an agnostic lesbian driving back from her mother's funeral, Gracie must find a new approach to save a soul.

2019 Outfest Los Angeles

         Official Selection

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Sunset Sunrise 2018

Director: Bruce Chiu

Owing to the self-condemnation of not being a good mother, Lily, a traditional Chinese woman, tries to "change" her son, Bao, from being gay. However, her action almost causes a tragedy.

2019 Seattle Asian American Film Festival

                       Official Selection

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