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Editing Works:Drama

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Under the Burning Sun 2023 (In Post Production)

Director: Yun Xie 

Follows one young woman, Mowanza, as she fights to find an abortion in a land where they are outlawed. When she hears of a nearby land with a lenient policy on abortion, Mowanza -- with only her water bottle and beat-up car for company sets out on a journey to find herself again.

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Seven Neighbours 2022

Director: Anton Kudrov 

During the pandemic, a police detective has to solve a murder case with seven suspects while being forbid to investigate on site

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Expectant 2022

Director: Hannah Bang 

-From Film Independant Project Involve Program

A soon-to-be father finds himself haunted by an ominous presence as the birth of his child nears.

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Dear John 2022

Director: Mehdi Hmili

-From Film Independents Global Media Maker Collaborative Workshop

In Los Angeles, as an artist is lost on his road of creation, he thinks of his idol, director John Cassavetes

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After 2022

Director: Lei Jia

A strict mother tries to reconcile with her pianist son after their heated argument.

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The Sun In My Heart 2022

Director: Yao Ge

When his daughter is dying away from illness, a mute taxi driver tries his best to make her happy

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The Strings of Fate 2021

Director: Bruce Chiu

In order to save his dying wife, a husband needs to go through time to the past and fix a mistake that she did in the past life.

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The Sea We've Never Seen

Director: Zicheng Li

David's friend from college comes to visit him in LA, but his flight back to China has been canceled due to the pandemic. During the time they live together, David has a secret that he doesn't know whether or not he should tell

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Cranberry Chorus 2020

2022 HollyShorts International Film Festival

Director: Lina YuChen Guan Li

In a small town, a principle and a vocal teacher is preparing their deaf students for a singing competition in Seattle.  Rowan, a slow child, joined the deaf kids chorus under the principle's command.  As Rowan starts to bond with the deaf students, he starts to discover the secret behind this deaf kid chorus.

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Lybeck 2020

2020 UK Film Review Festival

Director: Anton Kudrov

After Tommy, the only descendant of a rich family was murdered after a party.  The family's private detective Lybeck started to investigate the four women that attended that party,  The more he digs, the more he finds about their complex and toxic relationships..  All the girls have their motives, who is the killer?

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Upon Release 2020

2020 Sherman Oaks Film Festival

Director: Anton Kudrov

An unscripted film about the story between a parole officer and an inmate who's early parole decision might be in jeopardy because of his family issues.  The lead was played by an actual parole officer.


A Small Change  2019

2020 Hainan Island International Film Festival

Director: Yao Ge

At a cold night in Los Angeles, as a father is left with no choice but to try his luck with fake money, he still try to fulfill his son's wish to eat a nice hotdog that night.

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Hanger's Limb  2019

Director: Joel Satner

2019 Student Academy Awards         


After surviving a brutal amputation during the Civil War, James Hanger returns home emotionally and physically broken. In order to survive his depression, he designs and builds the first prosthetic leg with knee and ankle joints.

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Zelda 2018

Director: Bo Yan  

When the Police needs Zelda, a girl who got rapped to identify the perpetrator, she has to overcome the trauma and pain to face the suspects.

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The Choice 2016

Director Christopher Ma

As a gangster captures two government agents, one of their member Yu Chang finds out that one of the agents is his ex-girlfriend.


One and Only 2016

Director Christopher Ma

Hsin and Ester are rehearsing for their love story play "Astraug Manor". During their rehearsal they have arguments about love while discussing the characters, therefore starts a debate. As the debate goes on, the two of them starts to know more and more about each other, and about themselves.

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Astonished 2014

Director Christopher Ma

A boy uses treats and his bright smile to cheer up a lonely, shy girl.  The girl gradually opens up to

the boy, yet only to find that he steals money to buy the treats.

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