Christopher Ma is an American editor, director and writer who was raised in Taiwan and earned his Film & Television Production M.F.A in USC School of Cinematic Arts.


 After Christopher was admitted into the film department at the National Taiwan University of Arts, he started to focus on directing and editing. Christopher often combines political, social or historical elements into his works, and has a knack for depicting the darker side of human nature and the "grey area" of different subjects.  Christopher is has deep knowledge in film post works and worked mainly as editors and post supervisors in LA after graduating from USC.

  Since coming to America, Christopher has now edited over twenty short films including all kinds of genres and both fiction and documentary. The short film The Sorcerer,  which Christopher directed in 2019 was selected into the Florence Film Festival, and his editing works have also being selected into numerous top tier festivals such as Student Oscar (Hanger's Limb, semi-finalist), Outfest (God's Gracie, official selection) and St Louis International Film Festival( The Strippers, official selection)

  Christopher is currently editing a 6 episode documentary series presented by Narval Films.

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