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The Grey City  2019

Producer Cindy Wu    Director of Photography Lina Yuchen Guan Li    Production Designer Rohil Khatke

Editor Yining Bei   Sound Designer Lai Jiang    Written by Christopher Ma

In the distant future, where Enhancers, people with magic power exists, the extreme
People's Lightning Party rises to power and is working toward a purge of Enhancers. Catherine
Duke, police commissioner of LA, is a promising star in the People's Lighting Part, while her
daughter Emily is an Enhancer sympathizer. As the tension in the society rises, the mother and
daughter's relationship is at the brink of collapse.

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The Sorcerer  2019

Producer Victoria Zhang/Anton Kudrov    Director of Photography Becky "Baihui" Chen   

Production Designer Natalie Dease   Editor Yining Bei   Sound Designer Jiaxuan Cai 

Production Sound John Zhao  Written by Christopher Ma & Xiaoli Liu

After Chinese Sorcerer Dee finds out that his friend's fiancé is a vampire, he decides to pay a visit and save the day.

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When We Go To War   2017

Producer Martin Robertson  Director of Photography Laria Martinez Deleon  Written by Christopher Ma

Gabe is a Syrian studying in America since high school; his best friend Jack is an American serving in the army. When the U.S government wage war against Syria, and killed Gabriel’s parents in an airstrike, Gabriel must make the decision to whether stay and be an American or go home and fight, which might eventually end up facing Jack on the battle field…

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The Choice  2017

Producer Aster Hsin Lee    Director of Photography Willis Shih   Editor Christopher Ma

Production Designer/Sound Designer William Wang   Written by Christopher Ma

Yu Chung is a criminal that participates in a criminal organization. One day he participated in a Kip-napping job and finds out that the target is his ex-girlfriend.


One and Only  2016

Producer Aster Hsin Lee    Director of Photography Chung Chie Yang   Editor Christopher Ma

Production Designer/Sound Designer William Wang  Written by Christopher Ma & William Wang

Hsin and Ester are rehearsing for their love story play "Astraug Manor". During their rehearsal they have arguments about love while discussing the characters, therefore starts a debate. As the debate goes on, the two of them starts to know more and more about each other, and about themselves.

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The Love of Darkness 2014

Producer Lin Ya Yuan/Chen Ying Hsuan   Director of Photography Chung Chie Yang   

Editor Christopher Ma   Production Designer William Wang 

Sound Designer Chen Si Wei/Wen Chih Ching  Written by Christopher Ma

In a city where a mad vampire is murdering humans one by one.  Wei Ning, a kind vampire has to simultaneously hide her true identity from her human husband and track down this killer to stop the massacre.

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Astonished 2014

Producer Lili Chen Co-Director Chung Chie Yang   Director of Photography William Wang

Editor Christopher Ma   Written by Christopher Ma

A boy uses treats and his bright smile to cheer up a lonely, shy girl.  The girl gradually opens up to

the boy, yet only to find that he steals money to buy the treats.