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Editing Documentary

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Why We Dance S01 EP1-

The Strippers   2020 

2020 St. Louis International Film Festival                                Official Selection

Director: Yun Xie

One of the six-episode documentary series about the stories of dancers from India, Mexico, and United States.


Journey of Dimpy & Goldy

Director: Yun Xie

Two young girls living in the rural area of India has to travel more than 20 hours each time to 

participate in their favorite activity: Dancing battles in New Delhi, despite that they never win anything.

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Letters: The Art of Grieving  2019

Director: Nich Perez

 2020  Rhode Island International Film Festival


LETTERS: The Art of Grieving is an epistolary documentary about the powerful transformations of grief into art.


My Grandmas 2017

Director Aster Hsin Lee

A documentary about two women who were both born in 1945,Taiwan.  As their granddaughter, the director digs deep into how their families, educations, and experiences made them what they are today.

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