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Editing Works: Comedy

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Plenty of Fish 2020

Director: Joel Satner

A romance comedy happened in a pub about two unique individuals that have social anxiety.


One For the Road 2020

Director: "Z" Shange Zhang

When Brian, a hothead teenager wants to avoid his family trip and stay for his girlfriend Mia's birthday, he uses his grandfather's Chinese dark magic to summon a clone.  However, the clone refuses to go on the trip for Brian...


UnSchool 2020

Director: Anurag Kumar, Alysha Menakaya

A hour-long sitcom about staffs in a shitty public arguing whether to have a strike or not.


Can You Hold Me 2017

Director: Christopher Ma

When a naughty young man Yin receives an invisibility potion from an elder he saved from thugs, he is about to turn the world upside down.

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