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Editing Works:Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

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 Neon Noir 2020

Director: Anton Kudrov

When a comfort-robot Lexy faces decommission, she seeks out a retired battle-robot-Rex for help, and brings an ominous proposition with her.


Who Am I  2020

Director: Iain He, Boyi Li, Tianshu Liu

A poetic sci-fi fantasy set in the future world depicting a life cycle of a program.

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The Grey City  2020

Director: Christopher Ma

In the distant future, where Enhancers, people with magic power exists, the extreme
People's Lightning Party rises to power and is working toward a purge of Enhancers. Catherine
Duke, police commissioner of LA, is a promising star in the People's Lighting Part, while her
daughter Emily is an Enhancer sympathizer. As the tension in the society rises, the mother and
daughter's relationship is at the brink of collapse.

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Haunting  2019

Director: Rufan Lan

2019 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival                                 Best Horror

A psychologist named Brian encounters a weird new patient who claims that he has been followed

by his dead wife.


Implant 2019

Director Ran Li

2019 Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival Davao 

                                Official Selection

In a world where the technology exists to hack into peoples' memories, a traditional housewife colludes with her close friend to expose her husband, whom she suspects is unfaithful.

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The Red Shoe 2018

Director: Bruce Chiu  

A little girl finds a pair of beautiful red shoes when she moved into a new house, and puts it on after she is drawn by its beauty.  From the moment the shoes touches her feet, weird things start to happen.

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Book of Girmori 2017

Director Laria Martinez Deleon

After second-rate magician JJ is humiliated by his rival Sulius in front of all the fans in a show, he hears an evil whisper calling his name...

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The Love of Darkness 2015

Director Christopher Ma

In a city where a mad vampire is murdering humans one by one.  Wei Ning, a kind vampire has to simultaneously hide her true identity from her human husband and track down this killer to stop the massacre.

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